Benefits for an Accredited Institute:

An Accredited institute receives the following benefits:
1- An external source of stimulation to improve its services, programs, and staff through periodic self-studies and evaluations by an outside agency.
2- Provides confidence to the counselors, employers, educators, governmental officials, and the public in the educational program, the policies, and the procedures of the institution.
3- Assures that the institute is meeting high educational standards and quality by adhering to the established criteria, policies, and standards established by the accreditation agency.
4- Expedites the acceptance of advertising by newspapers, magazines, radio; stations, and other advertising mediums.
5- Brings the institution recognition when several states under their legislation and regulations as well as local agencies refer students to accredited schools.

6- Allows listing the institution and its courses in the PAATE Directory of Accredited Institutions.
7- Provides a unique professional development opportunity for the institution’s staff members to serve on accrediting examining committees visiting other institutions

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