About Us

Pakistan Accreditation Association of Theological Education (PAATE ) is a regional organization in Pakistan. It was established by the Pakistani theological professors and deferent denominations in 2013. Today, it is the sole accrediting body for Theological Schools, Colleges and seminaries  in the Pakistan.

We represent and relate to Pakistan, population whereof comprise about 94% Muslims 04% Christians and 02% of followers of other religions but despite all these factors, the Christians are the major part of the minorities.

Pakistan came into existence during the year 1947. Since then till date during the prolong period of 66 years, no Christian organization came into existence practically and physically on ground having the competence practically, to look after and supervise such biblical education providing institutions.

That w.e.f. December 2013, we have taken the initiative for establishment of such organization with the title of “Pakistan Accreditation Association of Theological Education” which is the first Pakistani accreditation association. Our inaugurating session was attended by 300 participants representing different denominations. Our board of directors comprise leaders and professors following Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Protestant, Assemblies of God, Salvation Army, Orthodox, Anglican Catholic and many other was agree with us on these points.

“That there is acute need of curriculum, competent faculty, a good library, quality education for the institution / organization providing Christian theological education whereas practically various parsons have made / fabricated self made biblical colleges and seminaries which practically involved merely in issuance of degrees which in fact facilitates the respective students to obtain the Christian education. Keeping in view all these factors and to have binding on such organizations, we intend and are serious that biblical education should be provided in a well organized and proper manner”.

Our main objective is to “strengthen” the mission of theological education within the Pakistan ministries by developing and maintaining high standards of mutual cooperation on quality education and leadership training.

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